Thursday 7th April 2022

During the recent outbreak of Omicron in the community, McGlashan students took their responsibilities seriously. We are proud of how they have risen to the challenge of guarding against its transmission within the college environment.

As I write this, student absences have decreased to around 30 and most of the teaching staff are back ‘on deck’. Before the break at Anniversary weekend, we had approximately 160 students and eight staff away due to COVID related issues or illnesses. Advice from the Ministry of Health suggests that waves of Omicron will continue. We intend to maintain a conservative approach to our interactions.

The Maadi Cup regatta is the National Championships for school rowing in New Zealand held at Lake Ruataniwha last weekend. Although all junior rowers were excluded, our senior boys seized the opportunity to showcase their talent and hard work. The competition was held under strict but sensible distancing strategies and it was only through meticulous planning and careful management of 1306 rowers, 269 coaches and 95 schools that this event was able to continue.

The McGlashan team won three medals and ranked 16th out of the 95 schools in attendance.

You do not need to be a rower to develop skills, commit to training, build resilience and grow team spirit. This team also exhibited a tenacious and focused approach and came away with significant success at every level, both on and off the water. 

Maadi rowing team 2022:

Aidan Seyb

Angus Loe

Charlie Carran

Fynn Allison

Henry Bowering

Mark Smith

Matthew O’Meara

Oliver Hamilton

Reuben Allison

Will Andrews


3rd Under-18 double sculls - Mark Smith and Fynn Allison

3rd Under-18 coxed quad sculls - Mark Smith, Matthew O’Meara, Fynn Allison, Oliver Hamilton, Aidan Seyb

2nd Under-16 double sculls - Matthew O’Meara, Oliver Hamilton

Thanks go to our elite coaching team of Dylan Davis and Lauren Gibb.

Image by: Sharon Bennett

Thanks also to parents Kerryn McLean (Carran), Nic Loe, Kelly Allison and Miranda Smith who did an excellent job of looking after the boys for the week. Feeding a hungry team of rowers during intense competition is a daunting task but these parents took it in their stride.

Senior parent-teacher interviews will be held next week. Boys should also attend. No excuses - the interviews are on ZOOM. These discussions are an opportunity to get a picture of your son’s progress to date and will be critical in planning the next steps for continued improvement and success.

Kindest regards,

Neil Garry