Monday 18th November 2019

Networks and friendships are possibly the most important things to take from your days at school

Tom Ross and John Guthrie on the election trail
Tom Ross and John Guthrie on the election trail

If you have McGlashan networks, made lifelong friends at McGlashan and still communicate with them you probably had a great McGlashan experience.

My own personal experience was very positive. McGlashan was a small school with 30 day boys and 100 boarders, meaning we all had to do everything.  Many of my closest friends then remain my closest friends now.  McGlashan had a culture of friendship and loyalty. 

I experienced both recently when I (unsuccessfully) ran for the Dunedin City Council.  The strategy wasn’t well thought through but I did know that I needed some help with the campaign.  I called my McGlashan friend, the irrepressible Tom Ross (#1283). I’d been Best Man at one of Tom’s weddings and he has remained a good friend.  No hesitation – he was on board.

I quickly realised that by not also running for Mayor I was on the back foot from a media standpoint, so I resorted to placards on the side of the road.  Not just static placards – actually standing roadside!

During the campaign, armed with large photos of me, Tom and I stood on the side of Portsmouth Drive, Stuart Street, Highway 1 at Caversham and outside Rick Meder’s Commodore Motels – in wind, rain and shine - mainly wind and rain.  We would then retire somewhere for breakfast. At lunchtime we would march up and down George Street proudly wearing the McGlashan tie and showing the “Go with Guthrie” signs.

I couldn’t help but think that if this isn’t the epitome of a McGlashan based friendship and loyalty then I don’t know what is. Thanks Tom.

I hope you have such loyal friendships from your time at McGlashan.  If you can’t find someone contact me, maybe I can help.

John Guthrie

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