Wednesday 18th October 2023


Last week, the Year 8 students at had an incredible experience during their camp at the John McGlashan – Te Anau Downs Lodge. The camp was a 3 night adventure that offered a wide range of activities that both challenged and delighted the students.

One of the highlights was the overnight camp where there were opportunities for students to take responsibility for their meals. They cooked their own food, learning valuable life skills and independence in the process. The experience of preparing meals together added a sense of camaraderie among the students. Another significant aspect of the camp was the hydroelectric testing. This educational and hands-on activity allowed the students to explore the science and engineering behind hydroelectric power. They gained a better understanding of renewable energy sources and environmental sustainability. As part of this outdoor experience the students also had the unique opportunity to sleep beneath the native bush in tents. This experience immersed them in nature and offered a chance to connect with the environment on a deeper level.

The camp also featured some of the most breathtaking walks in the world. Students hiked through stunning landscapes and enjoyed the beauty of New Zealand’s natural wonders. These walks not only provided physical challenges but also allowed students to appreciate the natural world around them.

Survival activities were another exciting part of the camp. Students learned practical skills like tying knots, building bivvies, and creating mice and rat traps. These skills could come in handy in various outdoor situations, and helped the students feel more self-reliant.

Nights were filled with some great experiences. Students gathered around the campfire to roast marshmallows, sharing stories and discussing the great debate on how to toast marshmallows the best (a lot of the marshmallows turned out charcoal black!!). The warmth of the fire added to the sense of togetherness among the students. In addition to marshmallow roasting, students engaged in games of spotlight, testing their stealth skills as they tried to avoid being spotted.

Overall, the Year 8 camp at Te Anau Downs was an unforgettable experience for the students. It provided a perfect balance of adventure, education, and fun, leaving everyone with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for nature and the great outdoors.