Bronze Expedition up Skippers Canyon

Thursday 18th February 2016

During the summer holidays, I went on a two-night tramp into Skippers Canyon, near Queenstown, for my Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze expedition.

Towards Mt Aurum
Towards Mt Aurum

 I was accompanied by AJ Visagie, who was also completing his Bronze Award, and my dad, Richard, who was supervising us both. The aim of the trip was to tramp from Skippers Township, up the left branch of Skippers Creek, ascend Mt Aurum (2245m), descend the right branch of Skippers Creek, and walk back to Skippers Township. Unfortunately, due to difficult terrain, lack of time and poor weather conditions, we were unable to reach the summit of Mt Aurum.

The trip was very rewarding and a great lesson for both of us. We will further develop our survival and planning skills as we keep going through fantastic course that is the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

Archie's Hut
The team in Skippers Canyon
Along the ridge to Mt Aurum
Heading up Mt Aurum
Dynamo Hut
A steeper section of the summit ridge
Towards Mt Aurum