Saturday 22nd October 2016

A prayer.

Loving God we are at the pointy end of the year.
It has got kind of serious now yet the days are longer and warmer. Mixed messages God.
Help us all to settle.
Upon those setting, those sitting and those marking may Your Spirit rest.
God we have spoken much about wisdom and balance this year in Chapel.
I pray for an abundance of both for the lads especially. Temptation free hours at study and guilt free hours at play, all in balance.
And sleep loving God, restorative sleep for all.
And for the younger lads too, exams seeming yet a world away, may they not wish away these care free days but instead embrace them while they can.
Help us all to flourish God.
And bring us Your peace as we finish well; this year of years… Your year, creative God.

In Christ's name as always.