Year 10 Dean's Awards - September

Thursday 29th September 2022

In what has been a hectic end to the third term, these legends have managed to standout in the crowd.

JMC's Year 10s have been flat out recently - in the classroom, on the sports fields and courts, and in a number of other ways both inside and outside of school. It's always tough to single out one recipient per class, especially with so many instances of individual and team success, but I've managed to pick out the following young men to have their efforts recognised by September's Dean's Awards.

10GAV - Tom Anderson

Tom has gone about his business the only way he knows how - quietly, consistently, and commendably. This isn't the first time he has been in the mix for a Dean's Award this year, being close almost each month that has passed, so I am glad to be able to recognise his efforts now! Tom really embodies one of my favourite sayings, from Frank Ocean,  "work hard in silence, let your success make the noise."

10RKO - Taylor Baker

Another who embodies Frank Ocean's words, Taylor is a no fuss character who goes about his work seamlessly. In a long and busy term, this approach has allowed Taylor to roll the sleeves up and get stuck into the task at hand with relative ease. Never one to put himself in the spotlight, Taylor deserves this recognition for his efforts and I look forward to seeing more in Term Four.

10SMN - George Begg/Jacob Levy

I couldn't split these two young lads from 10 SMN. George has been working hard in the classroom, particularly in World Studies, and he has made notable progress due to his efforts. Jacob has made a real effort to get things right in Term Three and deserves to be recognised for putting his head down and getting after it. Again, too tough to split the efforts of these two, so they are jointly receiving the Dean's Award for 10 SMN.

10TSH - Jakob Eaton

Jakob has been a real standout this term. I have often referred back to one of Brad Thorne's mantras that "Champions do extra" and Jakob has been doing a lot of extras recently, particularly in World Studies. It's been great to see Jakob's enthusiasm in the classroom, especially when it has been matched with a solid work ethic and resilient approach. Top man, Jakob!