Inkster of the week: William Ashton, Rap like Robbie competition winner

Wednesday 9th February 2022

Outstanding work from William who won first prize in the Robbie Burns Poetry Competition Junior Section late last year.


The faurer we be from our hame,

The mair we see wha’ we are.

Back at hame we a’ ur the same,

Bit here mah kilt cause a stir.

Back at hame ah wis an average lad,

Hee haw was different from ithers,

Bit here mah speak makes them mad

Ah speak an’ thay talk back with smithers.

We was promised a land just like our hame

Edinburgh, but in a freish space,

Bit instead we got a place where oor

Scots speak just sounds out of place.

Ah felt like normal way back there

Just a farmer who liv’d normally

But now I feel so different,

Mah Scottish being more part of me.