New Zealand -Spain Exchange Programme

Friday 22nd June 2018

In December 2018 two Dunedin boys set out on a conquest of the Iberian Peninsula.

Spanish exchange students arrive in Dunedin
Spanish exchange students arrive in Dunedin

Ben Timmings from John McGlashan College and Ben Lucas from Kavanagh College were the first participants in a growing New Zealand -Spain cultural exchange. What better way to consolidate their language learning than to spend eight weeks immersed in Spanish culture, living with a Spanish family and attending school in the heart of Madrid? While highlights of the trip were undoubtedly a week in Seville and a Real Madrid – Barcelona game at the Bernabéu Stadium, the focal point was the total immersion in the language and culture.

They must have made quite an impression, and on Wednesday, June 20,  two students from the Highlands School of Madrid arrived in Dunedin, and the wheels are in motion for subsequent groups to and from Madrid.

We are indeed fortunate at John McGlashan College that these learning opportunities are supported so wholeheartedly and are recognised as the invaluable learning tools that they are. Students, who are keen to learn a second language have every occasion to do so and really, what better way to travel the world?