Phun Physics of Radioactivity and other "modern" topics

Monday 12th August 2019

All senior Physics students spent time at the University of Otago recently to complete hands on practical experiments in Modern Physics for the Year 13s and Atoms and Radioactivity for the Year 12s.

In week two of school, the Senior Physicists were away to the University to work on practical experiments. For the NCEA students, they completed their last internal of the year. The Year 13s worked on the photoelectric effect, the spectra of the Hydrogen atom and diffraction patterns with lasers. The Year 12s worked with a radioactive source to look at decay curves, half-lives, distance from source and attenuation.  Year 12s also had a look at background radiation and saw some radioactive pottery in the cloud chamber. IB students were able to complete a required practical as well as solidify their knowledge of Modern Physics with some practical activities.

All in all, it was a great trip and was very beneficial to have a large chunk of time to work through practical experiments with the equipment we don't have at school.  Big thanks to Dr Esther Haines for organising the labs for us and the Physics Department for letting us use their space and gear!