Thursday 11th May 2017

My name is Peter Li and I'm from China.  My Chinese friends always go by my Chinese name which is Li Yi Zhi. I like sports very much, and basketball is my favorite.  I like playing it with my friends very much.  Also I can play tennis and football.  

I come from China, where I lived in big city, Beijing which is the capitol city of China.  Many international friends gather there, which helps us to improve foreign languages.
I love listening to music and watching movies.  It makes me feel happy.  And I like sports very much because it makes me healthy.When I flew to NZ, I saw the NZ views and felt so excited, because I will live here in the future.  And NZ environment is very suitable for students to study. When I got to my school, John McGlashan College, I felt both excited and nervous, but when I met my schoolmates, I found everyone is friendly, so I quickly adapted to my new school.  The local people are very enthusiastic and helpful and I feel very happy and welcomed.NZ is different from China.  The first thing is population. When you live in NZ, and walk in the street, you can see only two or three people, but in China, you are surrounded by thousands of people.  The second different thing, I think is the education style.  In my opinion, I prefer the way of education here.  It's very open and free, and feel happy. My name is Peter, I speak for myself.