Thursday 27th January 2022

This comprehensive document outlines the processes, routines and expectations of John McGlashan College. All times and dates for the start of the year are included in this handbook. To ensure we make a great start to the year please ensure particular attention is paid to the expectations for hair and the process for absences.


Hair must not be artificially coloured and styles must not be unkempt or too unconventional. Decisions about whether length or style is acceptable will be made by the Deputy Principal. Students who are unhappy with his rulings may appeal to the Principal. Students may be sent home to correct unacceptable styles or cuts. Students will be clean-shaven at all times.


If a student is absent because he is sick, or for family reasons, parents must contact the College office before 8:30 am on 034676620 or on Office personnel will contact home if an absence is not confirmed.  

Full Student and Parent Booklet