Headstart/Headway Expo Evening

Thursday 27th June 2024

"Year 7 and 8 students. Igniting creativity and curiosity with groundbreaking passion projects that inspired!"

7LMC and 8AHO have worked hard on their Headstart and Headway passion projects for the past two terms, and their presentations have been impressive. Seeing their dedication and creativity come to life in these projects has been inspiring.

Last week, we had a special Expo Night where the students showcased their work and presented their projects to whānau and friends. The evening was a huge success, with the boys confidently explaining their ideas, processes, and outcomes. The support and pride from their families were amazing, making the event even more memorable.

The range of topics and the depth of knowledge displayed were impressive, reflecting each student's hard work and passion for their project. Some students dove into the art of fishing rod building, where they crafted their rods and shared their newfound skills. Others explored the world of cooking, presenting delicious dishes they had perfected over the term, while the fashion/sports enthusiasts showcased their unique designs, highlighting their creativity and eye for style.

Each project was a testament to the students' dedication and enthusiasm, making Expo Night a celebration of learning, creativity, and community. The effort that was put into these projects was evident, leaving everyone excited for what these young minds will accomplish next.