Tuesday 5th March 2019

Cheers for tuning in to the first edition of the Prefects' Pew for 2019. Myself, alongside George Bell and Will Edwards, will be writing these reports regularly to inform you and offer advice throughout the year.

Head and Deputy Head Prefects for 2019
Head and Deputy Head Prefects for 2019

To start, I would like to introduce my capable team of prefects for 2019:

George Bell (Deputy Head Boy) - General Duties
Will Edwards (Deputy Head Boy) - General Duties
Ben Lund - Health and Wellbeing
Ben Porter and Nathan Harrison - Arts and Culture
Billy Sheard and Archie Calder - Outdoor and Environmental Liaison
Will Turner and Harrison Biggs - Academic and International Support
Lucas Dickison and Sam Clulee - Social Liaisons
David Cannon - Special Character and Service
Tom Dempster and Leroy Ferguson - Sports Liaisons

Although roles have been assigned, initiative and flexibility will be taken by all the boys to do a various number of jobs throughout the year. With a very intense year ahead help is something that will not go astray. As for myself and my role, it is still a work in progress. However, I think that honestly anyone who goes into a position like this thinking they know what to do is just a good liar. This year is something that will shape and mould me as it progresses. My duties will not change, but the way I approach them will, as my experience and wisdom around the role grows. I know that I have a good crew behind me to help.

The school's athletic sports day has been held. This event is a real tone setter for how the culture of the school is going to play out for the year. It was really impressive to see a large number of boys out there competing. In an age where the temptation of technology is always there, I believe that school events like this are very important to help challenge ourselves and allow us to grow. I must say congratulations to Ross House for taking out the win. Congratulations also to Shay Veitch for a phenomenal effort on the track, breaking a number of records. Those TAB odds really were safe.

In a couple of days, I, along with a handful of other prefects will be on a plane to Dubai and then onto Cape Town for the World Schools Rugby Competition. This is a very prestigious tournament and is by invitation only, with McGlashan being one of the four kiwi teams out of the 20 competing. The tournament takes place over 12 days with games being played in both Dubai and Stalenbosh. I can tell you now that not a single boy in the team has had an easy ride with pre-season training starting well before the beginning of the school year. Six trainings a week, paired with keeping up on school work has really kept a lot of boys on their toes. 

For all the other boys who will embark on summer tournaments, I wish that the bounce of the ball goes your way. To the class of 2019 rowers who head to the Maadi Cup, good luck. I don’t think I know a group of more committed and dedicated boys who are crazier in the head than myself, because what you put yourselves through is something I would never consider. Go hard boys, do us proud.

Finally, for the class of 2019, this is the beginning of the end. In all honesty, to already be thinking about the end of the year may sound silly, but it will come around quickly. Just like that, we will no longer be fry in a hatchery, and the gates will open, the current taking us all on our own paths. Only a few weeks of term left and we are back on break. Keep the standards high and consistent. So to the boys, I hope you can take these few words of advice. This is the way I try to live out my life. Have a laugh, make memories, have no regrets and take risks. For some of us, these are the glory days. The next ten years will be some of the best times of our lives. Don’t get caught up in the finer details. Frustration can be the biggest problem clouding our vision sometimes. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Most importantly, no matter how hard a task may appear, persist till completion because the harder you find it, the more you will value the time with your mates at the end of the day.