Things to celebrate in the Library

Tuesday 20th February 2024

Along with our display for Chinese New Year, we've celebrated some other noteworthy happenings in the Library over the past few weeks.

Over 40 boys have signed up to be student librarians for 2024, with a fairly even split between brand new and experienced librarians. We're delighted to have so many eager students keen to help with issuing and returning books, shelving and keeping the Library tidy, and helping their peers to use the Library's physical and digital resources. Our student librarians are crucial to the smooth operation of what is a very busy part of the College, as well as a wonderful opportunity for them to actively contribute to the school community. Our new student librarians have begun their library training and their progress has already been impressive.

Other library happenings of note recently include the addition of over 120 new library books and around 20 new high-interest magazines, an upgrade of our Accessit library system including a new improved way for students and staff to log in to our library web app, we've returned approximately 1,400 items since school started for the year and another 800 have been issued, and we've had great feedback on the SHRiMP packs that were borrowed over the summer holidays.

Junior classes have begun their weekly library visits and it's fantastic to see so many library books being borrowed and read. While this is a normal and expected occurrence, it shouldn't be taken for granted and is still worth celebrating - we love to see lots of reading happening! Teachers and library staff work together during these visits to help boys find a book or magazine to read for pleasure. Library staff are skilled at matching books to students, so please contact if you would like further book suggestions and recommendations - we are here to help.

Family members also have an important role to play in encouraging boys to read. A recently published Australian study highlighted yet again how parents can support their young people by providing encouragement and modelling reading habits. Positive celebrity role models are also great for influencing young people but can be hard to find when it comes to reading, so this recent interview with rugby great Kieran Reid is definitely something to celebrate. He talks about his favourite books, authors, and place to read, and how he would always read each night while away on tour as a way of quieting his mind before a big game - a useful example for us all to follow!