Sunday 13th August 2023

Our curriculum goal is to provide a responsive, coherent, balanced and innovative curriculum to enrich and empower teaching and learning

The curriculum at the College aims to provide an enriching learning environment for all students, regardless of their chosen path. 

Learning Pathways 2024

Years 7 & 8:
Students are placed in homeroom groups for the first two years. Half of the teaching time is devoted to Integrated Studies & Mathematics, covering English, Social Studies, and Math. 

Units of inquiry will be focused upon key concepts and key learning outcomes with authentic assessment opportunities throughout the year. 

Specialist teachers handle core classes like Science, Physical Education, Te Reo Māori, and Christian Studies. Students also explore subjects with specialist teachers like Art, Drama, Music, Food, Workshop, and Digital Technology.

Year 9:
Integrated Studies (Social Science and English) continues in homerooms. Compulsory subjects include Integrated Studies , Science, Math, PE, Health, and Christian Studies. 

Students choose one or two languages (Te Reo Māori or German) and four other options from Art, Drama, Music, Food, Workshop, Digital Technology, and 3D Design.

Year 10: 
Compulsory subjects comprise English, Aotearoa NZ Studies, Math, Science, PE, and Christian Studies. 

Students then select six semesterised or full year* options from subjects like Te Reo Māori*, German*, Art, Drama, Music*, Food, Workshop, Digital Technology, 3D Design, Business Studies, Rural Studies or Sports Performance.

Year 11:
English, Math, and Science are compulsory.

Students then choose three options from Te Reo Māori, German, Commerce, History, Food, Materials/Design, 3D Design, Digital Technology, Music, Visual Art, PE, Drama, and Agriculture

An optional Deep Learning Extension Programme enhances critical thinking - see Deep Learning Programme 2024.

Considerations for IBDP (Years 12-13):
Students pursuing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme must select six subjects from groups like First Language, Second Language, Humanities, Sciences, Mathematics, and the Arts.

Those students interested in studying the IBDP should consider how their subject choices in Year 11 will affect their options in the IBDP. You are welcome to contact Mr. Porter, the IBDP coordinator, for advice.

Refer to our Subject Selection website for more information.

Learning Areas Portrait
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