Careers, Information Evenings & Subject Selection 2024

Sunday 13th August 2023

Making informed decisions about subject & career choices

We are entering the season where Year 10-13 students need to consider their current subject options, what they want to study in 2024, what they might want to do as a career, but ultimately, who do they want to be as a person.

When considering the option subjects that they choose at the College we often encourage the students to consider subjects that;

  • challenge them academically 

  • challenge their current skill set,

  • develop their creativity, and 

  • pique their interest.

We will sit down with every student in years 10-13 and ask them about potential career options. We always coach them through their subject choices, ensuring that they have the widest possibilities to get into the courses that they want to study in subsequent years.

JMCPathways — Image by: Brendan Porter

Some dates that you need to be aware of:

  • 17 August: NCEA Information night 7pm in the ELC
  • 18 August: Year 10 Sampler Day (periods 3-6)
  • 24 August: IBDP Information night 7pm in the ELC
  • 21 September: Career interviews with Year 11 students
  • 19 October: Career interviews with Year 12 students
  • 26 October: Agribusiness Information seminar 6pm in the ELC
  • 26 October: Course selection evening 7pm in the ELC
  • 1 & 2 November: Career interviews with Year 10 students

Note: Career interviews with Year 13 students occur throughout the year in an ongoing way.

The Year 10 Sampler Day provides an opportunity for Year 10 students to learn more about the Year 11 options available at the College.

The NCEA Information night is for 'new to NCEA' parents.  To help them understand what the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) is and how it works.  

The IBDP Information night is for parents of year 10 and 11 students who want to know more about the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme (IBDP) as an alternative to studying NCEA.

The Agribusiness Information seminar is for parents of year 11 students who want to know more about the Agribusiness course within NCEA.

The Course Selection evening is for students and parents to meet with curriculum HODs, course co-ordinators to discuss timetable and subject selections for next year.

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