School Policies and Procedures

Friday 20th October 2023

John McGlashan College has recently signed up to the SchoolDocs system, which provides a user-friendly platform for schools in New Zealand to store all policies and procedures.

This makes policy information accessible to the whole school community. Our site contains a set of policies and procedures that are tailored to our school. Any feedback from our community members helps ensure our site reflects how the school operates.

The SchoolDocs sites have a unique web address for each school. All members of the school community can access the site using the details below:


Username: mcglashan

Password: jmc

SchoolDocs sites are organised into sections that reflect operational requirements. The table of contents shows the key policy for each section, with dropdown menus that show supporting policies and procedures.

A 3-year review schedule ensures content stays up to date. Each term, the school community is able to provide feedback on the content and implementation of policies and procedures that are under review. Topics that are under review have a review button, which allows school feedback to be sent to both the school and the SchoolDocs team.

For more information, go to:

SchoolDocs Policies and Procedures
66kb DOCX file