Exciting Achievements and Promising Talent in JMC's Golf Scene

Thursday 2nd November 2023

The golf enthusiasts at JMC have been showcasing exceptional talent and dedication in recent school golf events.

The senior matchplay final between Coonor Howes and Joe D K proved to be an exhilarating display of top-tier golf, with Howes emerging victorious by a narrow margin. Additionally, Harvey O'Neill's triumph in the senior strokeplay, held across prestigious venues such as Otago Golf Club, Queenstown Golf Club, and Millbrook Golf Club, marked yet another highlight for JMC's burgeoning golf programme. 

Notably, the school's commitment to nurturing young golfing talent was underscored by the success of Lachlan Davies, a talented y10 student, who claimed victory in both the junior matchplay and strokeplay tournaments. Davies' exceptional performance, alongside the commendable efforts of runner-up Geordie MacDonald, promises an exciting future for JMC's golfing landscape, with both students poised to become prominent figures in the golfing community. 

Despite the challenges posed by competing sports practices, the school's Wednesday golf coaching sessions have continued to generate considerable enthusiasm among the students. Whether playing golf recreationally or pursuing it as a full-time endeavour, the students have exhibited unwavering passion and dedication. 

As we look ahead, the future of golf at JMC appears promising, with an abundance of budding talent and a vibrant atmosphere. The school is proud to foster such a dynamic and thriving golfing community, and we eagerly anticipate the continued success and growth of our students in the world of golf.

 Always the game.

Rising star Jack O'Connor tees off at the Queenstown Gold Club.
Matthew Hanna working with Connor Howes at the Frankton Driving Range.
Harvey O'Neill prepping for his round at Millbrook Golf Club.
Joe DK practiced before playing at Millbrook on the JMC Golf Tour.