Monday 27th May 2024

Last night, St. Patrick’s Basilica was filled to capacity as it hosted an evening of reflection for Enere Mclaren-Taana.

Representatives from Dunedin High Schools read tributes, poems, and prayers, in addition to this haka and songs were performed. The strong bond within the Dunedin school community was felt, along with the profound sadness for the loss of Enere.

At the conclusion of the gathering, Enere’s father addressed the crowd, emphasising the importance of looking after one another and staying connected. This is a key message for all students to takeaway.

The issue of safety at the bus hub has been brought into focus. Both the Council and the Police have increased their presence in the area. Today at form time, a meeting was held for all boys who use the bus. The meeting was used to gather accurate feedback on their experiences and discuss potential safety measures.

Our pastoral team is available to support any boys in need. Our form teachers, Chaplain (Mr Brown), and counsellors can be reached via email. Mr Brown will be available in his office during intervals and lunchtime this week if boys wish to drop in for a chat.

As always, members of the parent community are encouraged to contact us to share their thoughts.