Champions at Tournament of Minds

Wednesday 6th September 2017

Our team has done us proud in our inaugural year in this competition. Combining humour with facts and props in a slick presentation proved a winning combination.

Winners of the intermediate Social Sciences section of regionals. 
Winners of the intermediate Social Sciences section of regionals. 

This year we have joined a worldwide movement to enhance the potential of our boys. By providing an opportunity to work collaboratively in a challenging and competitive environment we are fostering skills that are important for future success. For now, though, we will bask in the glory of our team’s recent success at the Regional Championships. Their first place in the Intermediate Social Sciences Division has gained them an invite to the Nationals on the 23rd September in Wellington.

The victory was the culmination of six weeks work on finding a solution to the challenge of easing overcrowding by creating a new country. In their quest to blend icons and culture of two currently existing countries, to form a successful new country, Bacili (pronounced in the local Bacilian dialect of course - Ba-Si-lly) was created! The Belgium and Canada Ideal Lifestyle Island is a French speaking place of reindeer football, eco-farming, eco-engineering and maple waffles. 

Under strict criteria, the boys had to collaborate together on the long term challenge mentioned above and on a spontaneous challenge given to them on the day. They could not accept help from or ask for help from anyone outside their group. The team ethos that developed between James Palmer, Nick Friedlander, Qwenton McKenzie, Sam Sinclair, Tom Dyer, Tom Rasmussen, and Xavier Edmond was impressive. 

A very big thank you to Sue Porter (for the spark that ignited the flame and organisation), and Lara Friedlander (for the expert driving and support for us and the boys). 

Winners of the intermediate Social Sciences section of regionals.