Saturday 4th May 2024

Growth in Level One and Two Agriculture.

It has been all about growing for both year levels in Ag this year. 

For Year twelve students it has been learning about the factors that effect animal growth and development, and seeing it in real time with brown shaver hen chicks. We changed protein levels in feed and over twenty school days saw the difference it can make, all whilst controlling other factors such as environment and health, as best we could, that may influence the result. 

Year elevens have been studying soil science and investigating how much the difference changing one aspect of the soil, like compaction, aeration, drainage, organic matter, fertility etc can influence grass growth. They ideally finish with a range of results that demonstrate the effect of the change and, like year twelves, must understand and control all of the other factors that must stay the same within each group in order to get a reliable result. Although it was a colder March with less growth than previous years, most had great results and showed some innovative ways of changing and controlling the conditions.

Charlie Falconer with his irrigation contraption.
In the potting shed.
Geordie Macdonald preparing his soil.
Mackenzie Sheppard planting ryegrass.