Senior Start-up, Year 12 and 13

Tuesday 5th February 2019

Getting off to a great start. Making the right impressions. Leadership. Higher Expectations.

Year 13s working together to overcome a challenge on Induction Day. 
Year 13s working together to overcome a challenge on Induction Day. 

With the new school year, the senior lads are expected to 'step up' and hit the new year as a fresh start and a chance to make their mark as role models.

The Year 13 class, to set the scene for the year, were taken away to Tirohanga Camp for a day of defining the expectations and what it means to be a Senior, well-being, leadership and goal setting. Most was gained from the various team building, leadership and problem-solving activities, and even in the near 30-degree heat, the boys brought their enthusiasm and energy... which I hope can last long into the year.

Year 12s have been asked to 'step up' into the higher expectations of being a more senior student and to consider leadership, well-being, reputation and role modelling — things which we will discuss further as the year progresses.

I will meet regularly with the lads over the year to cover various topics relevant to some of the challenges that arise as a maturing young man and challenge them to meet the expectations, be resilient and make good, informed decisions. 

Most of all the overall message to seniors is to firstly get the basics right: correct uniform, punctuality, manners, a positive attitude and, if they ever need it, who their support people are. 

Year 13 doing Qi Gong with Fraser Lau on Induction Day