Wednesday 9th November 2022

Mcglashan lads heading bush and 'digging-in'.

Deep in the Redwoods (or maybe now 'Shred-woods') forest not far from Mcglashan a small group of keen JMC mountain bikers have spent over a year clearing scrub, digging and sculpting a brand new bike track. 

Year 11's Hayden Findlay, Max Porter, Angus Loe and Harry Ryan have spent countless hours on the end of shovels and saws cutting away scrub and undergrowth, digging drains, compacting clay and finely sculpting berms and jumps to make a new trail that they have christened 'Senduro'. 

I found these lads whilst out on a regular ride through the forest by following the sound of shovels 'slapping' the ground and was thrilled to find lads so keen to get out in nature, work hard and take such pride in creating something and volunteering their time and expertise.

With approval from Mountain Bike Otago to go ahead and create the track their vision was to create an accessible trail that is safe for most levels to hone their jumping skills on with small to medium size, easily rollable or, if needed, avoidable jumps. I had the pleasure to be able to ride it with them on its completion and I think they have created something that will leave a legacy and hopefully be ridden by the public for many years to come and has helped to give-back and contribute to the variety and amazing network of mountain biking that Dunedin has to offer. Best of all it is a great example of young men 'getting stuck in'.

If you want to give it a go and see the work they have done just head up McGouns Road in the Redwoods Forest and you will see the sign marking the start near the top of the road.