Year 9 Prepared Reading Finals

Wednesday 12th September 2018

The well-crafted words of Robert Muchamore, Rick Yancey and JK Rowling echoed throughout the Chapel during the recent Prepared Reading Finals.

Year 9 Prepared Reading Finals
Year 9 Prepared Reading Finals

Ten impressive readings were presented by students from across Year 9 on the 27th August. This was the culmination of class work in English where students study the use of voice as a form of communication. Students choose a short piece, from a favourite author or novel and bring the text to life through the use of intonation, pace and volume, eye contact and gesture - they don't just read it, they perform it! To do this well the students need to engage their audience and understand their text well.

This year, the finals were judged by newly appointed Assistant Principal Mr Brendan Porter and our highly experienced librarian Mrs Pam Garry. Mrs Garry commented that 'in the 8 years she has been judging the Year 9 Prepared Reading final, she has never seen such a high standard as was on display this year.'  

The finalists were: Fynn Allison, Charlie Bolton, Martin Brooks, Nick Friedlander, Jack Hazlett, Sheon Luxmanan, Tom Meder, Jack Murphy, Sam Sinclair and Finlay Tomkins. 

Final Results:

1st place - Finlay Tomkins
2nd Place - Jack Murphy
3rd Place - Sheon Luxmanan