Spanish immersion for students in Tautuku

Sunday 30th May 2021

It was a brisk Thursday morning when Los Chicos de McGlashan arose from their beds to cram themselves into Mrs Lucas’ van, bound for camp Tautuku. Upon arrival, we realised that for the next two days we would have no cellphone service. For some this would complement their complete immersion in the Spanish language, for others, a source of perpetual stress and anxiety. It was perhaps a blessing in disguise, however, as almost instantly we began to integrate with other schools, finding new friends through all of our Spanish-themed activities such as salsa dancing, singing and cooking. The NCEA students also got a chance to complete an interacts for their portfolios. Whilst the camp was devoted to immersing ourselves in the Spanish language and culture, we also met passionate students from all over the South Island all supported by their passionate teachers.

It was upon our departure, however, that the magic that was the immersion camp fully set in. Whilst we were still adjusting to speaking in English, we realised we had made some lifelong friends with like-minded students and refined our language skills in a way that not only will benefit us in our grades but also in our confidence in using the Spanish language.