International Department 2017

Friday 24th February 2017

Mrs Noble, Mr Mountain and Mrs Temple from the International Department would like to wish you all a very warm welcome back.

International Students 2017
International Students 2017

Firstly we would like to commend Jerry Chen and Elliot Kwok who did extremely well in their exams last year. This year we have a total 37 international students with 11 new boys hailing from Austria, China, Thailand, Hong Kong and Korea.  We had a wonderful induction day and the new boys cooked a bbq lunch for the teachers.  

Jiro Chen and Nathan Scott are our two international prefects this year and they have already started organising the term 1 international social.  Well done boys, a great start to the year.  

Welcome to our new students. (See below)

All the best for 2017,  happy Chinese New Year and god bless.

THE INTERNATIONAL DEP would like to introduce the following boys to you all...

Elias Weinberger

Austria, Year 12

Elias is interested in Physics, Maths, Chinese, Latin and would like to become a pilot and work for a top notch airline.  He also plays the piano, attends fencing lessons, climbing classes and loves skiing, hiking and water sports.

David Wang
Year 7

David is very academic and achieves well in all of his subjects. He especially enjoys computer programming and received an award at a Championship Competition in China.  

Levi Liu
Year 11

Levi is a keen basketball player.  He also likes golf and horse riding and is very good at high jump and also likes playing computer games. 

Roy Feng
Year 9

Roy enjoys swimming, running, water sports including sailing. He is very passionate drone pilot and has been flying drones for 6 years. Roy was the Chief Photographer at his previous school in China and all of the photos and video films about his school were produced by him.  He is currently making a 3-D map of JMC using his drone.  Roy is also a very good singer.

Gavin Jia

China, Year 10

Gavin enjoys reading, basketball and table tennis.  His future plan is to become a doctor.  In order to do this, he would like to study IB Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.  

Cyrus  Leung

Hong Kong, Year 10

Cyrus loves playing basketball, swimming, cycling and hiking. He likes making models, reading science fiction novels and watching comedy movies.  His future plan is to become an engineer in Hong Kong.

Kevin Sachdev

Thailand, Year 12

Kevin enjoys badminton and football. He intends to pursue a degree in business administration or management.  He is studying IB.

Leo Park

Korea, Year 10

Leo enjoys debating, reading, story telling, history and politics.   Sporting interests are basketball and soccer. He would like to be a diplomat.

Brian Park

Korea, Year 10

Leo's brother, Brian, plays basketball and table tennis. He enjoys constructing robots, origami and drawing.  His future plans would be either a robot scientist, designer or mechanical engineer.

Carson Chan

Hong Kong, Year 12

Carson is an active boy who enjoys orienteering, swimming, cycling, badminton, hockey and squash. He plays the piano and has won several piano competitions. Carson is very interested in the natural environment and with insects and plants.  

Jasper Jin

China, Year 12

Jasper enjoys playing tennis, badminton and rifle shooting. He would like to try golf this year. Jasper represented the quiz team at his previous school where they won a trophy. Jasper is learning to play the classical guitar.