The JMC Parents and Friends Association June Funding Round Recipients

Monday 2nd July 2018

The annual College Fete provides the main source of funds for the Parents and Friends Association (PFA). Prior to this event, the PFA agree on one major school project which will benefit from the majority of the funds – the remainder goes into the general fund for donations.

There are three funding rounds per year (March, June and November), and the following were the successful applications from the June round:

  • Aprons (300) for technology students
  • Bus hire for 38 physics students going to Taieri Aerodrome
  • Arts Week – 100 Year 10 students
  • Sports App to assist with organisation of College teams and game times etc
  • Weights for the Gym
  • College Archives curator
  • Basketball tournament cost contribution
  • 2 Defibrillator Storage boxes
  • Hockey tournament cost contribution 

Teachers, school departments, sports and cultural groups and individual pupils are invited to apply for funding via contact with the PFA Teacher representative (Rachel Gardiner) for an application form. 

When considering requests for financial assistance, the PFA take into account the following guidelines:

  • Does is maximise the beneficiary group of students?
  • Does it facilitate improved educational outcomes for pupils?
  • Does it encourage students to participate in sport/recreation?
  • Does it encourage students to participate in art & cultural experiences?
  • Does it enhance the environment of the College?

Applications for the November funding round need to be received by the 29th October 2018. If you wish to obtain more information on how this process works or any general enquiries about the PFA funding, please feel welcome to contact: 

President - JulieAnn Ross ( or

Secretary – Jenny Soper (