5 Reasons to Learn a second Language

Thursday 17th May 2018

Why are languages part of the curriculum at John McGlashan College? Because we happen to have the teachers that speak the languages? Because the International Baccalaureate makes us take a language? Because we like the food? Or might there be other reasons for why we do it?

Learning about German culture
Learning about German culture

Conquer the fear of ‘looking stupid’

Learning a language means that you will find yourself in many situations in which you will struggle to find the words to express yourself. If a foreigner walked up to you and needed help but would have difficulties finding the right words, would you laugh at them? Probably not. And still it is hard for everyone of us to be in a situation in which we are afraid to ‘look stupid’. Learning a second language, challenging yourself to speak from the first day of your language journey you will find yourself communicating effectively (not perfectly) within a short period of time.

Find your inner 'Mr Spock'

You are more likely to decide logically when making decisions in a second language. We are all emotional beings so most of our decisions are based on emotions rather than logical thinking. However, when you learn a second language, that emotional bias will go away and you will often choose the more logical solution to your problem.

Become interested and meet interesting people

Being monolingual is like eating the same food every day. Learning another language opens doors to other cultures and other people, even monolingual people will want to know why you ‘bothered’ to learn a second language and your experiences with it along the way and it will change the topic of your conversations. Expose your taste buds to other flavours and tastes, you never know what and who you will find.

Learn about culture - including your own

Speaking another language also means, communicating with another culture - understanding other cultures will open up the world, opportunities in jobs, education and interpersonal connections. More than that though, communicating with people from other cultures also means seeing your own culture from their perspective - often a very entertaining and revealing experience! 

Because you can!

It is that simple. There are no downsides, only benefits. Here at John McGlashan College it is made easy for you, teachers, classrooms and resources are here, you are in school anyway - take the plunge, be brave and do a subject that will open the world to you!  

Food - always food!
Football competition between the languages!
Day of the dead - more food!