Thursday 9th March 2023

Year 9 enjoy a physical activity to put their German vocabulary knowledge to the test

Year 9 German active learning
Year 9 German active learning


Four weeks ago our Y9 students entered the German classroom for the first time! It has been great to get to know everyone see what they have accomplished over such a short period of time. Our students now feel confident to enter the classroom with a ‘Guten Morgen!’ and make use of their new acquired words and sentences during class.

But how do we learn a new language?

Students acquire language by immersion, where they are surrounded by the second language in the classroom (posters, signs, listen to, see, taste the German language), through interaction and motion.

To put to practise some of the new vocabulary students have been learning, we have made the most of our fantastic sports field and the recent beautiful weather. With the help of Mr Niemann (German assistant and PE teacher), we implemented some games from the LEARNING IN MOTION PROGRAM. The program emphasises an active learning environment, which allows thinking and learning to be anchored by movement.

What a great way to practice and consolidate colours, numbers and classroom language while gaining some football skills.


Year 9 German - Learning Language on the go!