Ko Ngā Whanonga Pono - Learning Values

Monday 7th March 2022

Alongside the developments that we are continuously making to our curriculum; we are focusing upon recognising the learning values or learning behaviours that we expect our students to exhibit in all areas of their learning.

Kahukura - The Red Admiral Moth
Kahukura - The Red Admiral Moth
Te hanga tūranga mō te ora
Building Foundations for Life

To support our Vision statement above, these values speak to the foundational approaches to learning and life that we would expect from our students.

From those, to whom much has been given, much will be expected. Luke 12:48

We are incredibly proud of present and past McGlashan men of the College and we know that the following values will put them in good stead to continue to behave according to our special character teachings and to be active contributors to local and global communities.

Ko Ngā Whanonga Pono
- Learning Values

Kahukura: To grow

I approach all experiences with an open mind. I continue to grow through observation and reflection.

Kea: To inquire
I am curious and seek to find answers using investigation and questioning.

Mātātoa: To take risks
I approach unfamiliar situations with courage and forethought.
I am independent when exploring new roles, ideas and strategies.

Manaakitanga: To care
I show empathy, compassion and respect. I am committed to service. I act to make a positive difference to others and the environment.

Waka: To contribute
I am a responsible and an important part of the community. I plan strategically to meet the goals I set by myself and with others.

Papatūānuku: To value
I value and care for our environment; cultural, spiritual, social and physical.

Pūkeko: To create
I am creative and innovative. I try to look at things in different ways, having fun and being bold in my choices.

Aweawe: To influence
I seek fairness, justice and respect for individuals, groups and communities. I am brave and articulate in defending my beliefs.