Monday 19th February 2024

2024 has begun well and our students in Year 11 are in the midst of their learning in the new re:focused NCEA Level 1.


Our Year 11 programme is a pre-qualification framework that will be focused on quality teaching and learning of content in context that will prepare students for success in the IBDP and NCEA in Years 12 and 13.

Image by: Brendan Porter

In each class and in each assessment, it is expected that students in Year 11 will gain and apply content knowledge, in context that enables them to be active contributors in society. 

Each Year 11 course that we offer is going to provide:

  • Quality teaching and learning designed to prepare students for success in IBDP and NCEA Level 2 and 3.

  • Compulsory NCEA internal assessment and NCEA external assessment that assess key learning content.

  • Expectations on students to gain course/certificate endorsements.

Expectation of Endorsements

Year 11 students will have up to four NCEA assessments throughout 2024.  Two of these assessments will be internally assessed.  Students will get their results after the assessment has been marked. A further two assessments are marked externally and these results will be published in January 2025. 

Students can gain course endorsements and certificate endorsements from all NCEA assessment.

Course endorsements:

  • At least three NCEA Level 1 assessments at an achieved, merit or excellence level within a subject will qualify for an achieved, merit or excellence subject endorsement.

Certificate endorsements:

  • At least ten NCEA Level 1 internal and external assessments at an achieved, merit or excellence level across all subjects will qualify for an achieved, merit or excellence NCEA Level 1 endorsement.

The role of NCEA credits

There are NCEA 'credits' assigned to each of these NCEA Level 1 assessments ranging from 4-6 credits each. Students require 60 credits to 'pass' NCEA level 1 (alongside the Numeracy and Literacy assessments). 

We do not want students to count credits to pass.
We do want students counting their number of achieved, merit and excellence assessments. 

We expect that students will aim for merit and excellence course endorsements and certificate endorsements. These course and certificate endorsements are like the carrot at the end of the stick - the recognition of students who are thinking and working at a higher level.

Learning for now, and the future, is not about gaining credits, it is about gaining deeper knowledge useful for life, problem solving, application and critical thinking.