Sunday 29th November 2015

After 9 years at the college, Dave Boardman leaves to take up a principalship at Kristin School, Auckland.

You probably already know that our Deputy Principal, David Boardman is leaving at the end of term to take up his new role as Principal of Senior School at Kristin School in Albany, Auckland. Kristin is a Year 1 – 13 school and Dave’s role will see him lead the Year 11-13 area of the school. It runs both NCEA and IB and is widely known to be one of the top schools in the country.

Dave joined McGlashan in 2007, having moved to New Zealand with his family to take up a biology teaching position here at the college. In his nine years here, he has taught science, specialising in IB biology. Since 2009, has been the college’s IB coordinator and he has since made a significant contribution to the whole Asia-Pacific IB programme. He has led outdoor education at McGlashan as well, and has made a great success of activities like the Year 9 rail trail experience and the ever-popular Year 10 camp at Glentanner and Huxley Lodge.

Those of us who have worked with Dave have always found him to be hugely supportive and very approachable. In education, it is commonly known that good teachers need two things: a sense of humour so you can laugh even when things go wrong, and a sense of pride so that when things go wrong, you have the determination to fix them. Dave has both these qualities in abundance. Moreover, he spends a great deal of time and energy helping other people fix problems too.

Dave, we will miss you a great deal next year, and we wish you, Penny and your daughters all the very best for your future. Please stay in touch with us and do come and visit McGlashan again whenever you are in Dunedin. Likewise, you will not have heard the last from us here. Several staff members have even promised to call you whenever we have a snow day, just to remind you that while we are making snow angels, you probably have to tolerate missing out on that experience, at least for a while.

Cheers, good friend and may the force be with you, always.