Wednesday 10th August 2022

Making informed decisions about subject choices

On Thursday August 18 (Week 4), Year 10 students will be attending an in-house NCEA Sampler which will enable them to talk with teachers about the NCEA subjects available in 2023 at the College.

We are encouraging the students to choose subjects that;

  • challenge them academically 

  • challenge their current skill set,

  • develop their creativity, and 

  • pique their interest.

We intend for the students to come away from the day with clear information about the senior courses provided by the school.

We will provide the students with a timetable that looks something like:

Image by: Brendan Porter

Some dates that you need to be aware of:

  • 18 August: Year 10 Sampler Day (periods 3-6)
  • 18 August: NCEA Information night 7pm in the ELC
  • 25 August: IBDP Information night 7pm in the ELC
  • 8 September: Career interviews with students
  • 27 October: Course selection evening 7pm in the ELC

For more information about course pathways, click the link:

Learning Area Pathways 2023

For more information about Year 11 courses available at the College for 2023, click the link:

Year 11 Course Information

For more information about the Year 11 Deep Learning Programme for 2023, click the link: 

Year 11 Deep Learning Programme