February's Year 10 Dean's Award Recipients

Sunday 6th March 2022

These young men have not only put forward a good account of themselves, they have been leaders amongst the year group, with an outstanding start to the 2022 school year.

February's Year 10 Dean's Awards Recipients
February's Year 10 Dean's Awards Recipients

Ben Sinclair, Charlie Barnett, Jonny Leitch, Luke Miller, and Eddie Scott have had their efforts recognised in the form of the first monthly Dean's Award of 2022. These young men have shown a determined approach to learning, displaying a strong work ethic, and also showing leadership potential along the way. 

Ben and Charlie's efforts in 10SMN have been immense - they have worked hard and brought a sense of positivity and good humour to their classes, in a way that shows that learning can (and should) be both enjoyable and productive. Others have benefitted from having this enthusiastic approach to work modelled to them by these good characters.

Jonny Leitch has been a workhorse - putting his head down and digging into the task that lays before him. This determined approach is not only commendable, but highly productive - as evidenced by the quality work he has been producing in multiple subjects, particularly in World Studies. 

Luke Miller has showcased good manners, a strong work ethic, and a positive demeanour in the first 5 weeks back at JMC. Luke has been a standout in his World Studies class, maintaining a level of focus on the task at hand that has been very impressive. As a result of this focus, Luke has been able to show an extensive knowledge of the Sustainability Issues that the world is currently struggling to address.

Last, but certainly not least, Eddie Scott has returned to JMC this year with an approach to learning similar to that he had last year - a year in which he was recognised as the MVP of the 9RAL form class, an accolade that attests to his great character. Eddie has again been a positive, determined, and diligent student who is eager to learn. In a class filled with impressive students, Eddie has managed to stand out due to his approach.

I think we will see an entirely different crop of students gain recognition for their efforts in March - as this Year 10 cohort is filled with young men of good character.