Monday 31st August 2015

Attitude, the youth education division of The Parenting Place, gave presentations to each year level recently. 

Year 7&8 - Friendship Factor.  Healthy and positive friendships set young people up for success. Content included building friendships, handling rejection, conflict, and bullying.

Year 9 - Connected: Online safety and citizenship. Connected helps young people reflect on how technology influences their lives, and encourages them to become positive cyber citizens.

Year 10 - Sex with Attitude: The emotional and social aspects of sexuality, providing a decision-making guide to relationships.

Year 11 - Hardwired: Drugs, tobacco and alcohol, addressing the issues that cause people to develop habits, and ideas on how to assess risks, make positive decisions, deal with peer pressure and overcome addictions.

Year 12 - Sex and relationships part 2.  A guide to building and maintaining healthy relationships, offering ideas on dealing with peer pressure and coping with break-ups

Year 13 - The Pits: A survival kit for handling the bad times, and covers grief and loss, depression and stress.