Are you stressing about your exams already? Wondering when they actually begin? No need. We will teach you how to 'study like a boss'.

Sunday 26th June 2016

Are you seeking advice from a study guru? Wait no longer! Study skills workshops will be offered to Year 11 students in week 5 of term 3. School exams will take place in week 1 of term 4 (October 10th-14th) and the first NZQA exams will begin on Thursday November 10th.

Advice and wisdom regarding exam and study techniques will be shared with students by a team of teachers and current Y13 students. Top tips and study techniques will no longer be a mystery to any new NCEA student. There will also be some refresher courses for Y12 and Y13 students.

The NZQA end of year exam timetable 2016 is available and it is attached below. 

NZQA Exam-timetable-2016
3mb PDF file