Monday 23rd October 2023

Year eleven agriculture went to Lumsden to Annabel and Simon Saunders 'Stag Valley' farm to find out about the Lumina breed and the Headwaters Lamb company that is producing lamb with high intramuscular fat and high-country efficiency.

Enjoying view beneath the windmills.
Enjoying view beneath the windmills.

We arrived in the evening and ventured straight, by foot, to the top (Sam Hancox in new record time) of the hill that looms over Stag Valley to stand, wind beaten, beneath the impressive windmills that emerge along the ridge-line and take in one of the most impressive views we have seen.

After a 'sleep' in the woolshed we had an informative session with Simon outlining the farm history, the sheep breeding and agricultural pathways. The boys tailed, tagged, scratched and castrated some lambs and then, with the help and advice from Nathan Bensemann, we discussed growing and managing the crop of chicory that finishes the lambs and helps produce the omega 3 fats. 

We got to trial some of the delicious Lumina lamb, expertly prepared by Annabel and find out about the process to marketing and selling the final product. 

A huge thanks to Nathan, Annabel and Simon and especially Rangi Hancox, who stayed with us and drove a van. We had an excellent time and it is impressive and inspiring to see how passionate, knowledgable and dedicated the Saunders are.

Jack Bensemann scanning in ewes.
Simon shows George Begg and Brayton Erskine what to do.
Sam Eason and Ryley Matheson scratching for scabby mouth.
Enjoying some Lumina Lamb.
Tailing lambs.
Archie McDiarmid loading lambs into the shute.
The view at sunset
Liam Ross and Sam Hancox on top of world!