Friday 16th June 2023

Duncan’s Café and Espresso Bar: A Learning Opportunity for Students

To be posted 16 June 2023
Duncan's Café and Espresso Bar made its debut at the 2022 John McGlashan College Fete, and it was a resounding success, earning a respectable $1,038. We caught up with Duncan McLean, the teacher-in-charge, to learn more about the experience and their plans for the upcoming 2023 Fete. 

According to Duncan, the café will make a comeback in 2023, offering an even better experience for visitors. With Year 12 and 13 classes completing espresso standards, students will have honed their skills, ensuring top-notch coffee and service. Last year, the dynamic trio of Jonah Coleman and Lillie Masters as baristas, with Evers Donnelly-Davey in a supporting role, kept the caffeine flowing. 

When asked about their favourite aspect of the 2022 Fete, Duncan mentioned the exhilarating "flow" they experienced during peak times. The challenge was maintaining speed without compromising the quality of beverages, and the team thrived under pressure. 

Adapting to a new Fete stall presented its challenges, but with a solid system in place, they ensured accurate and timely orders. Duncan commended volunteer Brent Chirnside for his exceptional HR skills in organizing the team and boosting morale during hectic moments. 

As for popular choices, coffees were a hit in the early hours, while hot chocolates gained popularity later in the morning. Looking ahead to 2023, the team plans to introduce oat milk, catering to the demand for alternative milk options. They also aim to start serving earlier to provide a much-needed caffeine boost for all Fete participants. 

With the enthusiastic and talented team of students ready to tackle the challenge once again, we can expect Duncan's Café and Espresso Bar to be a highlight at the 2023 John McGlashan College Fete. Make sure to stop by for your favourite coffee or hot chocolate and support our budding baristas!

JMC Fetes have raised over $540,000 since 2013, supporting improved education, social and wellbeing activities, sports and recreation, and arts and culture for the school's boys. With your continued support, they can make an even greater difference. 

So mark your calendars – this year's Fete is on Saturday 9 September. The second non-uniform day for Tombola donations is on Friday 30 June. Meanwhile, the Fete Garage (next to the boarding hostel) is now open for donations of toys, books, games, sporting goods, white elephant, pre-loved clothing, jams and preserves, professional clothing, bedding and furnishing, and groceries and deli goods. And if you're interested in signing up as a Fete volunteer, sponsor, or donor, please contact the Fete team at Let's make this year's Fete the best one yet!