Saturday 8th April 2023

Another five varieties of beer have been brewed and bottled by the Year 13 Agribusiness class of 2023!

Proud Pilsner Team
Proud Pilsner Team

Yeast, water, hops and malt are relatively inexpensive starting materials, but processed innovatively, they combine to produce a luxurious and expensive product sold and enjoyed the world over.

Brewed and bottled... — Image by: Craig Preston

Whilst the class enjoyed the process of brewing the five varieties (including a stout this year), the main objective was to understand the concept of valuing-adding in an Agribusiness along the supply and value chains. After the fun of brewing, the class settled down to write up a substantial internal report on the economics of beer and biltong and the need for sustainable viability as key to longevity in the business arena.

Bottling 2023 — Image by: Craig Preston

Our sincere thanks go again to the Boards of both John McGlashan and Columba College, and the parents of our students, for allowing us to engage in innovative activities such as these in the Agribusiness programme. The engagement is high, the learning significant and the fun-factor, off the charts! Of course, the parents now reap the benefits of the classwork, as they receive and sample some of the 100L of brewed delight!

2023 Brews...
Cap Counter and Packager...Hannah Cormack
Bottling Pandemonium...