Wednesday 1st June 2022

Pink-shirted star-jumping dictators in the land of Schumachamerica under the religion of Rugbyism - it's been a pretty interesting term for the Year 9 students.

Year 9 Haka 
Year 9 Haka 

It is mind-blowing to think that we are now halfway through the year already. 2022 has given us many challenges and experiences and we have continued to be impressed by the resiliency of the students and their ability to get on with the job. 

Last week we took time to celebrate this, linked to Matariki. We spoke about this being a pretty special moment as they will all remember where they were and what they were going when New Zealand officially celebrated Matariki for the first time.  

A highlight of this was definitely our shared breakfast in the hostel dining room. While the food was wonderful and I know the boys really enjoyed the 2nd breakfast, the chance to sit together, take a bit of a break, and chat was really rejuvenating. McGlashan is a pretty busy place so this gift of time (and food and company) was pretty awesome.

Matariki Breakfast — Image by: Donna Smith

Our 2022 cohort is also responsible for beginning our new tradition of our Matariki Tree. The four Form Teachers donated a rata tree to the boys. Representatives from each of the four form classes helped plant it in a spot between Gilray Block and the Hostel. This was to represent the ‘future’ aspect of Matariki. This plant will grow and strengthen over the next five years, as the boys will. We need to thank Mr McBeath for helping to arrange this for us and giving the boys some gardening lessons along the way.

New Traditions for Matariki — Image by: Donna Smith

In the coming weeks, we will be holding the House Group Haka competition. In preparation for this, we have had a couple of sessions to learn the haka both in terms of pronunciation and action but also the history and mana. Mr Beazley has helped us out with this and we are grateful for his expertise. A true highlight of this has been watching our leaders emerge. The future of our McGlashan haka is in very safe hands with these lads.

Haka practice with Mr Beazley — Image by: Donna Smith

This term we have presented Dean's Awards for May and June.

Y9 Dean's Awards for May — Image by: Donna Smith

For May:


Consistent high performer in whatever he tries. Receives consistently high effort grades each week and in all areas. He has an amazing attitude towards life.


A consistent and hard-working attitude to his learning in all of his subjects. A member of our class who treats others with respect and kindness and encourages a positive class culture.


For being an upstanding member of 9NSM. A key member in developing a positive class culture as well as being a conscientious and hard-working student. He always gives his best and encourages others.


A consistently high performer in all areas. Reliable, focused, and attentive, Will is a member of the class that others look to for support and he gives his best effort in all areas at all times.

Y9 Dean's Awards for June — Image by: Donna Smith

Awards for June were given to:


A consistent and hard-working attitude to his learning in all of his subjects. Consistent hard work and always adding to discussions in class. A star!


His official title is Y9 CEO…Chief Entertainment Officer. Consistently finding positive ways to fill lunchtimes with engaging, usually physical, activities and inviting everyone to be part of these.


Mr Consistent! Driven and motivated and showing huge levels of personal organisation. He is fully engaged in all classroom activities and takes on any challenges and opportunities that are available to him

The form teachers have been sharing stories about their highlights of the term. Here are their thoughts:

Mr Schumacher - The boys were amazing in their effort on Pink Shirt Day - not only wearing something fun and silly but challenging each other to stand up for a good cause. 

Pink Shirt Day with 9DSM. — Image by: Donna Smith

Mrs Bowden - A special moment in 9CBD was saying goodbye to Theo Parry and wishing him well for his move to Canada. We had a GoogleMeet with Theo and the boys did the school haka led by Lachie Mckenzie. It was awesome for me to see the class come together and show their spirit and sense of belonging as a group. We told Theo he will always be a part of the John McGlashan family.

Ms Smillie - A pretty memorable moment in 9NSM was when we started the structures of government and one of the rules of our dictatorship of ‘Smillieville’’ was star jumps every seven minutes. The whole class star jumping except for a few brave political protestors was a pretty extraordinary sight in the classroom.

Mrs Smith - It’s been great to see the boys getting into their sport and being able to attend some of their games. A particular highlight was being present for the 12 try scoring-frenzy of the U14 Blues Rugby team against Otago Boys.

U14 Blue Rugby Team — Image by: Donna Smith

The key message for the boys, as we head into the last week of the term is to 'finish well.' Keep the standards high, keep the effort high and make the last minutes count.

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”
Michael Jordan