Monday 5th June 2017

Let the science magic begin...

It's been along time in the pipeline, but we are finally there. The new laboratories and prep room are complete and ready for use. Plans were initially drawn up in 2016 for new labs and prep room layouts, as well as a new purpose, built bulk chemical store.  The rationale was to create dynamic, modern teaching and learning spaces as well as an up to date prep room and storage facility that met the current government health and safety requirements.  

With new workstations, lighting and decor, students and staff are able to enjoy a fresh, stimulating environment to work in. The new "island" type workstations have hugely increased the storage capacity of each lab and allow for easy access to equipment and glassware. They also facilitate improved group work and more effective teacher student communication.

The last 12 weeks or so have been very disruptive to students and staff, some classes being held in a variety of locations, including the chapel stage, but everyone has taken this in their stride and I would like to thank all staff and students for their patience and understanding during this time.

As HOD I would like to personally thank the Board and Senior Management for their support of this project. It will greatly benefit the students as well as the staff here at the college.