Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Eddie Scott in Year 10 cooking nailed-it with his Turkish Pide he made for his whanau on Tuesday night. His pictures are the proof.

Cooking and competition are much happier bedfellows than cooking and online class delivery! Year 10 cooking was tasked with making a Turkish Pide dinner for their whanau this week, then upload a picture.  The maker of the best dish gets to chose what we make for one period when we return to the school kitchen. Eddie has set the bar high with his dish; with his cookery, food styling and photography. The original Beef and Lamb New Zealand recipe is attached if you would like to see what was in and how to the make this dish. 

Blended Turkish Flatbread Pizza Recipe | Beef + Lamb New Zealand
4mb PDF file
Eddie Scott's(year 10) table Tuesday night-it tasted as good as it looked.