Friday 20th March 2015

Most often, talented leaders and academics are ordinary people with extraordinary determination.

Neil Garry in situ - at home in Central Otago, supporting Year 9 students cycling the Otago Central Rail Trail
Neil Garry in situ - at home in Central Otago, supporting Year 9 students cycling the Otago Central Rail Trail

It is with this in mind that we are proud to congratulate the high number of boys who gained an endorsement of their NCEA certificates. This confirms that for John McGlashan College boys, just ‘getting over the bar’ is not enough. Their success is the result of a combination of factors which include hard work, high expectation and strong student-teacher relationships which have often been forged in the co-curricular environment.

At John McGlashan College we have a holistic approach to enrolment and boys are not selected on academic ability alone. It is an acknowledgement of this approach that the boys who have achieved academic success, also follow a broad range of sporting and cultural interests often with the same degree of accomplishment.

On the theme of celebrating success, we held a get together last Friday for the 2015 Prefects and members of the 100 Club and 200 Club along with their parents, staff and board members. The 100 and 200 Club boys gained elite grades in their N.C.E.A or International Baccalaureate exams. The criteria for a National Excellence Certificate is fifty excellence grades but twelve McGlashan boys at Level 1 and 2 gained the equivalent of 100 excellence credits, double the national level. Nic Taylor and Henry Sullivan had some words of wisdom for the group, which included Board of Trustees Chairman James Reid and Chair of the Board of Trustees Curriculum Committee Jane Davis who were also present to congratulate these boys.

You will see in the photo gallery below a table of results comparing our Level 1, 2 and 3 results with the national averages in N.C.E.A. from schools in the same decile rating. It needs to be noted that 20–25% of our boys study the International Baccalaureate at Year 12 and 13 and that our results would be even more impressive if the statistics included these boys. In past tables of N.C.E.A. statistics published in the O.D.T. it failed to explain that our academically-capable International Baccalaureate students are not included in our N.C.E.A. results.

Level 1 Excellence Endorsement

  • James Anderson
  • Guillaume Bennani
  • Jordan Buck
  • Jerry Chen
  • Alexander Chirnside
  • Lachlan Chittock
  • William Creighton
  • Luke Davis Rae
  • Matthew Dockerty
  • Joseph Garry
  • Luke Jarvie
  • Louis Jennings
  • Harrison Lawrence
  • Seamus Leahy
  • Noah Linscott
  • Joshua Mackay
  • Raphael Magnuson
  • James McEwan
  • Ryan Neill
  • Luke Nie
  • Louis Renner
  • Mark Robertson
  • Harry Rodger
  • Peter Sangster
  • Michael Sewell
  • Jack Spence
  • Andre Theis
  • Alexander Timmings
  • Christian Tucker
  • Timothy Varsanyi
  • Ryan Whelan
  • Greagh Williams

Level 1 Merit Endorsement

  • Will Adamson
  • David Alsop
  • William Archer
  • Anjas Bhogal
  • Joshua Bijl
  • Charles Cox
  • Jean Du Plessis
  • Luke Duncan
  • Edward Ennion Dickison
  • Rory Ferguson
  • Angus Foley Walker
  • Liam Hickman
  • Ethan Jane
  • Connor Johnstone
  • Brett Kingsbury
  • William Kirkwood
  • Ho Kwok
  • Cameron Lowery
  • Tom Mee
  • Liam Miller
  • Samuel Moir Grace
  • James Phizacklea
  • Philip Plant
  • James Preston
  • Mitchell Rogers
  • George Russell
  • Shane Sanders
  • Kiran Skelton
  • Harrison Taylor
  • Chanachoke Thammongkoichai
  • Hamish van Dyk
  • Sean van Dyk

Level 2 Excellence Endorsement

  • Lachlan Cameron
  • Joseph Corbett
  • Charles Darling
  • Samuel Darling
  • Liam Geddes
  • Guy Guilford
  • Jae Jo
  • Semisi Maiai
  • David Marshall
  • Wilson Mitchell
  • Joshua Preston
  • Henry Sullivan
  • Shuichi Tanimura
  • Philip Tong
  • Han Zhang

Level 2 Merit Endorsement

  • Joe Allison
  • Michael Anderson
  • James Baker
  • Jayden Baker
  • Tobias Cormack
  • Danny Crowley
  • Michael Ellison
  • Jack Gibbons
  • Thomas Grave
  • Harry Hasselman
  • Gwyn Jones
  • Andrew Koens
  • Benjamin Lovelock
  • Jack Manning
  • George McLauchlan
  • Timothy Offen
  • Alistair Page
  • David Paul
  • William Pinfold
  • Carlos Reid
  • Struan Robertson
  • Robert Shand
  • Oliver Sidey Moore
  • Thomas Sinclair
  • Mitchell Sizemore
  • Hamish Timms
  • Joshua Timu

Best regards,

Neil Garry.

200 Club Members
100 Club Members
Results table comparing our Level 1, 2 and 3 results with the national averages in N.C.E.A. from same decile rating schools