Friday 28th July 2023

The Professional Clothing Stall: Where Quality and Style Meet

Get ready for the highly anticipated Professional Clothing Stall at the September John McGlashan Fete. Known for its top-notch selection of high-quality garments, this stall is a fashion lover's paradise, attracting visitors from our college community and beyond.

In 2022, the talented team of Lee Maher, Jodie Gain, and Shelly Miller curated an exquisite collection and ensured an exceptional shopping experience for all. Located in the spacious and inviting venue of The Link, the stall provided the perfect setting to showcase a diverse range of professional attire.

Behind the scenes, the team sorted through clothing donations, carefully selecting pieces that epitomize "Professional Clothing." Looking ahead to 2023, they are dedicated to streamlining processes to enhance efficiency and make the stall even better for shoppers and volunteers.

We're excited about the improvements for the 2023 Fete. This year, we'll provide refreshments for our hard-working volunteers to keep their energy up. We also understand the importance of clear identification and easy navigation, so we'll have enhanced signage, more maps, and improved directions.

As the Fete excitement builds, the Professional Clothing Stall team is eager to present an outstanding range of apparel, catering to various tastes and styles. Whether you're seeking a sophisticated business suit, elegant dresses, or stylish accessories, our stall has something special for everyone.

Contribute to the stall's success by cleaning out your wardrobes and bringing your clothes and accessories to the Fete Garage, next to the Boarding Hostel.

Mark your calendars and join us at the Professional Clothing Stall during the John McGlashan Fete. Discover the perfect ensemble that exudes confidence and style while supporting our school community. We can't wait to see you there!

Stay tuned for more Stall Tales as we unveil the stories behind the various stalls that make the John McGlashan Fete such a community event.