Friday 28th January 2022

A casual vacancy has occurred on the College’s Board of Trustees for an elected parent representative following the resignation of Mrs Val Farrow from the Board. We record our grateful thanks to Val for her contribution to the Board over the past four years.

The Board has decided to fill the vacancy by selection. If 10% or more of eligible voters on the school roll ask the Board, within 28 days of this notice being published, to hold a by-election to fill the vacancy, then a by-election will be held. Request for a by-election should be sent to: Tim Hannagan (Chair) [John McGlashan College Board of Trustees] 2 Pilkington Street, Dunedin by: (25 February 2022)

If the Board proceeds to appoint by selection the term of office will run for the vacating member’s term of office (that is, until the next school trustee elections that the Ministry of Education has deferred from May 2022 to September 2022).

Tim Hannagan

Board of Trustees Chair