Saturday 11th December 2021

Ōhau camp had it all; soaring heights, massive beech forest, glacial cold river crossings, and fine Mackenzie basin conditions.

The Ōhau experience is focused on general backcountry skills. We assessed river safety and gave the boys room to grow in their decision making. Good food was essential for a great experience. So the Ōhau crew were fed very well with premium cooked breakfast. They took their skills to the next level while in the bush and enjoyed the true DIY catering experience. 

The highlight of the trip was ascending five hours out of the valley floor. The photos at the top showed the perfect conditions we enjoyed. It was a treat for the boys to get such a great experience and build their skills for enjoying the backcountry themselves as they grow older. 

Following their backcountry tramping, we shot down to the Lake Benmore: Alps to Ocean track. The boys welcomed the change from tramping legs to cycling legs and made the most of the hot clear day riding from Omarama to Benmore Dam. Notable mentions go to: Mr Wang and Chin Loh for excellent photography and cooking! Ms Smillie for unbounded enthusiasm and being the mafia ring leader. Special thanks to Helen Clulee for the well-received ice blocks at Benmore dam and local expertise in the area.