March's Year 10 Dean's Award Recipients

Monday 4th April 2022

The Year 10 cohort continues to set a positive tone and display some strong values and solid character early in the year.

Following on from the Year 10 Dean's Awards for February (the recipients were Charlie Barnett, Jonny Leitch, Luke Millar, Eddie Scott and Ben Sinclair), the month of March contained several worthy contenders.

The successful recipients were:

10 GAV - Ben Knopp

10 RKO - Liam Ross

10 SMN - Connor Howes

10 TSH - Charlie Donaldson

Ben Knopp has continued to display the work ethic he is slowly but surely becoming renowned for. With steadfast determination, Ben undertakes the task at hand in a commendable fashion. Not only this, but he also maintains great manners and a positive demeanour. 

Liam Ross is another who has consistently chipped away at the challenges laid before him, regularly showing a keen interest in improving his skills and knowledge along the way. Liam is setting himself up for a good finish to his time as a junior, before launching into the senior school next year.

Connor Howes is a newcomer to 10SMN, and John McGlashan College more generally, but he is already displaying the revered characteristics of a John McGlashan student. He is intrinsically motivated and eager to improve, and this has resulted in some pleasing results already in the beginning of his learning journey here.

Last, but certainly not least, Charlie Donaldson is already showing the maturity and determination expected of students in our senior school. Charlie's approach to learning and his ability to interact positively with his peers have both allowed him to stand out among the crowd. 

I regularly remind these lads that 'champions do extra', and it is fair to say that the legends listed above are a testament to that. As we are now nearing the end of Term 1, I look forward to seeing the Year 10 cohort continue to impress as the year goes on.