Changes to the bus service for Outram, Mosgiel, Fairfield, Green Island, Brighton and Waldronville students

Sunday 28th November 2021

Below is a statement from Otago Road Services regarding changes to bus routes for 2022.

"We wish to advise that we will be ceasing these services at the end of 2021. These services run from Outram, via Mosgiel, Fairfield and Green Island, along with a service from Brighton and Waldronville.

Continued falling patronage, along with the current Otago Regional Council flat fare policy and the ending of our Ministry of Education school transport contracts at the end of 2021 has made the continued operation of our commercial school bus services unsustainable and uneconomic. 

These services run separately to, and independently of, the Otago Regional Council subsidised urban bus services. As unsubsidised services, they have run on a full user-pays basis, at no cost to any other parties. We have provided these services since the 1980s and have valued, and appreciated, the patronage of generations of school pupils. Refunds of any unused school bus concession tickets for these services will be available, upon ticket presentation, from our company premises at 15 Chadwick Street until 31 January 2022. 

Should you require any further information please contact us."