Introducing the Learning Support Team

Friday 2nd March 2018

For 2018 there has been a restructuring of Learning Support Department, with the appointment of Mrs Donna Smith as Head of Department and Ms Becky Rapson in an assistant role.

Learning Support Team
Learning Support Team

Mrs Smith has joined us after several years at St Hilda's Collegiate School. She has always held an interest in developing individual programmes for students that reflect and resource their needs, in terms of both support and extension. 

'If we were to put school into a sporting analogy, I see our role in Learning Support as the Fitness Coach. Mr Garry is the Head Coach, with the vision for the team. The classroom teachers are the Assistant Coaches, with their focus on a specific skill (or in this case, subject area) and Learning Support is the Fitness Coach - helping each player ensure that they are ready to take the field and perform to their highest potential.' Says Mrs Smith. 

Mrs Smith and Ms Rapson are looking forward to combining their skills to develop new initiatives across the school and to build on the success of programmes like EXCEL Tutoring, Get Help in Gilray and Tournament of the Minds.

To assist the team with meeting the needs of students at McGlashan, we are currently seeking people that would be willing to assist students by performing the role of Reader/Writer. The aim of the reader/writer is to assist students to overcome their learning difficulty during an assessment activity. You may be reading the activity brief or questions for the candidate, or writing for the candidate, or reading and writing for the candidate.

We currently have a large group of students requiring this form of assistance and are looking for people that might be able to help. These assessment take place during the school day, so day time availability is necessary and training can be provided. If you would like to offer your services or enquire more about this, please feel free to contact Donna Smith on