Sunday 19th May 2019

Saturday night at the Museum was the scene of the social event of the year ... the annual John McGlashan College formal.

Fashion Stakes - Formal 2019
Fashion Stakes - Formal 2019

The evening went off without a hitch and McGlashan's senior students and their partners displayed the very best style in fashion, good manners and sophistication. I can reassure parents that their sons really do know how to behave when they are out. As you can see from the photo, check suits and caps were a popular choice for the boys but perhaps they were outshone by the glamour of the girls. Congratulations to Sam Clulee and the formal committee who organised an extremely successful event. The staff stayed in the background, and everyone enjoyed the fabulous musical talents of Dr Craig Preston and Mr Bruce James. 

 I have been thinking about an article I read lately on the importance of building a culture of courage in a climate of fear. 

I am aware that many boys are retreating from situations and opportunities because they are challenged by the fear of failure. Boys grow by focusing on the skills they possess, which help them attempt new things and increase their 'reach'. It is an old chestnut, but we need to help our boys step outside their comfort zone and guide them through a process of rationalising their fear of failure. Winston Churchill once said, "If you are going through hell, keep going". We continually ask the boys to push the boundaries, and their thinking, in ways that may expose their limitations. And we can help them by discussing and rationalising issues or problems without over-talking, over-thinking, or over-complicating matters when the way forward is simply to 'make a start'. If you were present at the evening session by Robert Pereira, you would be aware of his general message; to think about a situation, rationalise it, and move forward. 

We are now 15 weeks into the year, the senior boys are about to hear the half-time hooter, which signals the mid-point of their academic programme. There is a strong correlation between academic success and boys who are committed to training and practice. Alongside their focus on activities outside of school, I want to remind the boys that they must balance this with a commitment to their academic work. 

 Cooler days are upon us now along with sports such as football, rugby, basketball, badminton and hockey and once again, I thank you for your strong parent involvement in coaching, managing, and your active interest on the sideline. I also want to implore you to champion the intellectual well-being of your boys by establishing good routines for reading, study, sleep and managing screen time. 

Kind regards to you all.
Neil Garry

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